About our company

The Gyémánt Profil Ltd. has started the business activity in 2010.

At the beginning we focused on the trade of glass grinding tools, later on we have expanded our range of services due to growing partner demands, by renovating and transforming these diamond  tools.

gyemant profil about company metal cutting

Our continuous technological investments caused the  increasing space requirements, so we rented a production hall in Bátonyterenye, which was the center of our company until 2015.

We have outgrown the rented production hall because of our increased machine fleet, so we have purchased a new industrial site with a capacity of 3000 m2 in Salgótarján, and that is able to serve the infrastructural needs of our company for a long time period.


Over the years we have implemented further machine developments and investments to meet the high quality requirements of our  business partners.

We have successfully participated in several EU tenders over the last few years, and we have expanded our service scope with the machine cutting sector.

Our CNC turning-machines and CNC shaping machines which are euqipped with the latest technology are available in a wide spectrum to our clients disposal.

Besides our advanced mechanization, we have placed a special emphasis on the highly qualified expert team, which, according to our belief, is the pledge of sales at competitive prices.