Reprofiling and reinstallation of industrial diamond tools

As the effect of the usage, the abrasive machine tools lose their profile surfaces and also their accuray, so the grinding modify to an undesired way. In case of an average wheel, we can renew the tool 2-4 times, – depends on the thickness of diamond –  the original profile is recovarable. The lifetime of tools are increasing significantly, so the workflow will be cost-effective and more precise.

We can reprofile or reinstall the tools by carbide grinding and EDM technology, too.

Our machines work with an accuracy of 0,02 mm in case of all size and profile.

We are well prepared for reprofile or transform wheels in size of D 30 mm –D 250mm, or any other tools with different shapes used by the same technology.

Our company renews not only the tools supplied by us, but also the tools of other manufacturers.

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Reprofiling and reinstallation of industrial diamond tools